P1 Externato Frei Luís de Sousa Almada, Portugal
P2 Colegiul National de Arta “Octav Bancila” Iasi, Romania
P3 P3 Associação Almada Mundo Almada, Portugal
P4 Zespol Szkolno-Przedszkolny nr 1 Wroclaw, Poland
P5 Istituto Istruzione Capo d’Orlando, Italy
P6 Ismail Sefa Ozler Adana, Turkey
P7 Associació Meraki Projectes de València Valencia, Spain
P8 Eekhout Academy – University Leuven Kortrijk, Belgium
P9 Kallitehniko Gymnasio Thessaloniki, Greece
P10 Instituto Piaget  Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Almada Mundo International Association of Education, Training and Innovation is a non-profit association, founded in 2016, whose social object is the development of activities in support of education, training and innovation, aimed at all age groups, giving particular attention to the adult community. Almada Mundo’s mission is the global commitment to social construction through education, training and innovation based on common values, centered on the person, (multi) (inter) culture and human potential and as a vision to intervene in social reality, aiming at the inclusion, transformation and emancipation of the person, in local, national and international collaborative networks, as future builders.

Almada Mundo aims to contribute to the development of education, training and innovation systems in an inclusive, emancipatory and full citizenship perspective at all levels and fields of action. It is guided by principles of valuing the person, knowledge and innovation, built in networks and partnerships, in communities of learning and practice, and in the interaction of educational and training policies, locally, nationally and internationally. It privileges the linguistic and cultural diversity in safeguarding the cultural and inter-personal heritage of humanity. In order to achieve its objectives, the Association main responsibilities are:

  • Develop processes of change at the level of communities and educational and training contexts through the dynamics of education, training and innovation;
  • Promote professional and academic mobility for a global education, both nationally and internationally, respect for cultural and linguistic diversity and recognition of the person, values, knowledge and experiences;
  • Activate training procedures that encourage self-training processes, research and the emergence of innovative and effective practices, tailoring training to the diversity of contexts, expectations and needs;
  • Provide the creation of digital learning and training environments, ensuring the transversality of ICT and Multimedia in the training processes;
  • Stimulate and consolidate attitudes and methodologies of collaborative work, developing new skills and knowledge sharing the production of resources and good practices;
  • Establish network with any local, national and international organizations forms of cooperation consistent with the social objective of the association;
  • Create structures and develop partnerships that encourage sharing and exchange with local, national and international associations and institutions in the areas of education, training and innovation;
  • Establish specialized committees and working groups to analyze and treat issues related to education, training and innovation.


João Mouro

Eekhout Academy is a national and international in-service training (IST) organization for schools, center for adult education, school management, principals, teachers, educators and school governors, based in Flanders, Belgium. It is a public and non-profit body that is recognized and certified by the State through the Flemish Ministry of Education. The organization is independent and non-political. The Board of Governors is composed out of representatives of the University of Leuven (campus KULAK), the University of Applied Sciences VIVES and the Network of Flemish Catholic Education.

On national level, Eekhout Academy is one of the largest course providers in Flanders and Belgium and organizes yearly about 750 courses for 14.500 participants. On international level, it’s the largest Belgian IST-provider. Eekhout Academy acts as KA1 course provider, partner and coordinator in European (KA2) partnerships and assessor of quality development in international projects. It also coaches schools in the development of their international policy.

Eekhout Academy disseminates and implements educational innovation and has a structured cooperation with the University Leuven and Universities of Applied Sciences offering initial teacher training. We have a close collaboration with the National Agency in Flanders, take part in an international network of IST-providers and have bilateral contacts with other European in-service training organizations. We used to be active in Socrates, Lifelong Learning and now are participating in the Erasmus+ programme.

The quality system of Eekhout Academy is based on the EFQM-system. Our international courses are covered by the Quality Charter that is derived from the GINCO-network (Grundtvig International Network of Course Organizers). The Eekhout Academy is member of the European Association of Course Providers (EATP).

Eekhout Academy PIC = 947859169 Director: Mr Wim Simoens Campus University KULAK Etienne Sabbelaan 53 8500 Kortrijk Flanders, Belgium

Wim Simoens Laura Deschuymer

Zespol Szkolno-Przedszkolny nr 1 we Wroclawiu We are the biggest Primary School in Wrocław with about 1300 pupils from 5 to14 years old and over 120 teachers. This year we will celebrate the great anniversary – 35 years of school’s exsistence. Our pupils are bursting with energy and creative solutions. The teachers are very passioned to their job, using the new technologies, innovative teaching strategies and taking part in many European Union granted projects. The European collaboration is our tradition since 1998 when our school has been participated in first Socrates project. Since then we are realizing educations goals in frame of Socrates,Comenius and Erasmus + projects, cooperating during this years with over 15 countries.

Our website: The coordinator: Joanna Dera Graduated in Computer Science and Spanish, since 2006 working in Zespol Szkolno-Przedszkolny nr 1 as a teacher, form master and coordinator of Comenius, Erasmus plus and Unesco programme.

Joanna Dera