AE Vale Milhaços – Escola de Santa Marta do Pinhal

On May 24, 2021, under the Cosmus project, Almadamundo, the association through its team of interns (Ana Paula Oliveria, Catarina Gonçalves, Francisco Águas and Sara Ganso) traveled to AE Vale Milhaços – Santa Marta do Pinhal School ( Cosmus school) to observe and record the activities carried out by all basic education classes of that school.


The School Coordinator, Professor Fátima Soares and the Librarian, Professor Ana Brioso with the participation of 3 4 year students presented the work in detail performed and displayed in the school corridors. It was possible to attend an open class with the pre-primary students, observing the ecosystem of a pond with the children’s explanation. There was also an educational garden under the responsibility of the students, with a focus on sustainability and ecological education. The videos made by the team of interns are intended to show the excellence of exemplary work in education for the future, in the experience of innovative and significant situations for the education of children and preparation for life.

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